Under the heading “re:sources”, the FFL for 21/22 is designed as a double edition. This year’s edition will take place from August 27 – October 2, 2022.
As an extension of her work exploring science and new image acquisition tools potential, Catherine Leutenegger's solo exhibition UNNATURAL STUDIES at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) presents a series of visuals generated by a high-resolution micro-CT scanner unique in Switzerland.

Dans le prolongement de son travail explorant la science et les nouveaux outils d’acquisition d’images, la photographe plasticienne Catherine Leutenegger présente à l'EPFL une série de visuels réalisés grâce à un scanner micro-ct haute résolution unique en Suisse.


August 22 – September 27 2020

The exhibition Ruins and Pixels brings together the works of about ten Swiss artists. Works whose material identity oscillates freely between contemporary photography and ceramics. Bringing together these two hyper-technical mediums creates an illuminating mirror effect. Both appear to be linked by nature to highly specialized gestures and know-how, with their own chemistry and criteria: what mastery of the process is desired and for what result? What is the place left to chance? What is a successful image? When does an object fail? These are the questions that make up these trade guilds.

Catherine Leutenegger — New Artificiality

January 24th – March 1st, 2020 / Opening January 23rd, 2020

Gallery of Photography Ireland is delighted to present the premiere Irish showing of work by Catherine Leutenegger. Her long-term project titled New Artificiality investigates the emergence and advancement of 3D printing, from nano to monumental scale, in numerous business sectors. Leutenegger demonstrates how the line between real and virtual have become increasingly blurred in a post-digital, hyper-capitalist world.
New identity by Balmer Hählen!
ILEX GALLERY exhibiting Catherine Leutenegger's work Fire & Fury, 2017
1st Floor Booth F3 / Somerset House, London / www.photolondon.org

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